Violet & Blue Jewelry Feels Like a Clean Shot Across the Bow

To understand why every handcrafted piece of jewelry from her collection holds such good energy, you have to know the intent behind the designer. So let me introduce you to Joan’s daughter and a peek into a childhood memory. Two kindred souls bonding over a love of baubles and gemstones is a hometown impression we all want attached to our finds. Jen Guzman is that driven New Yorker on paper: a solid education, corporate world accomplishments, and a citizen who can hold her own. Yet, it was in 2007, two years after the untimely passing of her beloved mom, that she opened a treasure chest not only into a memory but into herself.… Read More

Milliken Creek Inn & Spa is the Key

To unlock your creative power, you need to take your rest and relaxation as seriously as you take your work. Start your comeback with tranquil settings and picturesque roads that will flash you back to peaceful phone conversations with your beloved Aunt Molly. And an even more welcoming awaits you at the end of your pilgrimage at the unpretentious landing known as Milliken Creek Inn & Spa.… Read More

Sonoma Valley: Hospitality Town

Sonoma Valley, California is a unique alchemy of geography and climate, creating visuals that will not be easily summed up in just a photograph. Time your trip right and a sea of yellow mustard flowers and lush rolling vineyards can be your welcoming tour guide. … Read More

Dogtown Coffee

This on-property café is open to the public and has a direct link to Fig Restaurant’s culinary magic, which means everything coming from Dogtown Coffee is worth your time. It’s a simple coffee stand and a smile, really. … Read More

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